inFamous 2 and Cole's Ionic Vortex


Posted September 10, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

inFamous 2 and Cole's Ionic Vortex

Getting a demo ready for any show is taxing for developers, but also very important for direct feedback. Which probably nobody is more well-versed in than Sucker Punch right now. Remember the outcry over Cole's new look in inFamous 2 that sent them back to the drawing boards to give us back the old Cole? I'm sure they do as well.

For PAX this year, there was both an inFamous panel, and a playable demo on the show floor. But, it has to have been one of the smallest demos I've ever seen at an event. Granted, it did exactly what it was supposed to, which was attract long lines, but I wish that they had given us something meatier to chew on.

We know that Cole has amped up new powers, and a melee weapon called the Amp. How appropriate. But we haven't seen much of his new abilities yet, so Sucker Punch created a small demo level to show off just one new power. In the demo, Cole gets knocked off the roof of a limousine as he's crouched above the sunroof looking down at a cigar smoke-spewing bad guy, and then rolls to his feet and lets loose.


Hemmed in by streets of New Marais with a chopper circling overhead, Cole swings around like an athlete about to toss a discus and throws out an Ionic Vortex. It might sound like the name of a high-powered vacuum cleaner, but this power, which sends out a fair-sized swirling tornado of electricity, is nothing to joke around about. It will take down cars, do significant peripheral damage, and even take down helicopters.

Of course, any nearby pedestrians get sucked up in the vortex as well, but instead of being sent to Oz, they usually wind up as corpses on the street. Ouch. 

inFamous 2 and Cole's Ionic Vortex


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