The PAX 10: Bastion


Posted September 7, 2010 - By Rob Manuel

The PAX 10: Bastion

You wake up on an island suspended in the void. There's been a calamity and you need to figure out how to put the world back together. Moving around causes items, steps, pieces of the environment, and even the very ground you tread on to spring out of the void. Welcome to BastionSupergiant Game's first title. 

Lending to the game’s unique style, Greg Kasavin, the team’s creative director, explained that it was part of their 'fog of war.' By never seeing what's around the corner until you turn it, players must always keep alert for unseen foes or new areas to explore. He also mentioned that the unique style gave the team room to play around with the concept in different ways during later levels.

Along with walkways springing up from the void or houses crashing down from the sky, the design is rather eye-catching in its unique mixture of post-apocalyptic and Eastern flair. In talking to one of the artists for the game, she mentioned that her work is heavily influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics – sort of a playful evil. This theme bleeds over to the narrator as his low rumbling tone practically growls out the adventure. More than just a storyteller, he comments on your actions and you’ll actually get to meet him as the story progresses. 


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Gameplay is all about choices. Face buttons allow you to map one of any number of weapons from crossbows to shields. Instead of picking up loot from the battlefield, you collect gems when then can be traded for more weapons, upgrading the ones you already have, or purchasing perks. The action comes fast as you'll often find yourself surrounded or encountering different groups at a moment's notice.

For such a small game, Bastion lives up to the company's title. Look for this one to land sometime next year on "digital platforms" (read: consoles and PC) and you can check out Supergiant Game's main site for further updates.

The PAX 10: Bastion


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