The PAX 10: Fowl Space


Posted September 8, 2010 - By Rob Manuel

The PAX 10: Fowl Space

Fowl Space was a lovechild of boredom. While in class, two of the developers started passing designs back and forth. Somewhere in the middle of all that ink and crumpled paper, a chicken in a space helmet was born and thus we have Fowl Space. The story follows a chicken that wants to destroy the sun only to find it inhabited by lingerie-loving Vikings – and then things get crazy. This rather easy to control platform-shooter is filled to the brim with style, off-colored humor, and frantic action.

While the team over at Pixelante is no stranger to making games (I highly recommend both Pixel Legions and ImmorTall), Fowl Space is perhaps their first foray into the downloadable gaming market. Moving out of the world of flash, the animation has a smooth and stylized appearance. Objects, enemies, and even the environment have a hard silhouette with bits and pieces of white that make the characters standout – the white rim of the chicken’s helmet, the piercing white eyes of the Vikings, the white stains on the… um, moving right along. The background, however, swirls from cool greens and blues to bright reds when danger is close by.

While the story will take you into the heart of Viking territory, the real goal of the game is to rack up the highest score by killing enemies and collecting their female unmentionables. The onslaught comes in all shapes and sizes from the air to larger chieftains beating coffee pots like drums in order to fuel the blood-rage of the smaller army already surrounding you. You start out with a gun that splatters the enemies with quick shots or can be charged to unleash a white viscous fluid that can either take out your assailant or leave them blind. (Add in your own inappropriate joke here.)

The PAX 10: Fowl Space

While I breezed through the first half of the game, not needing to pick up cups of coffee to refuel your chicken, the second part was a different matter. I found myself quickly switching between the shotgun and newly found flamethrower to take out the ever-growing horde of Vikings. The double jump kept me out of the way of some of the ground troops but not out of reach of the flying units. The team just laughed stating that even though moving through from start to finish might be a short trip, they want to challenge you every step of the way. Look for Fowl Space to fly the coop sometime later this year on PC and Mac.

The PAX 10: Fowl Space


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