The PAX 10: Altitude

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Posted September 7, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

PAX 10: Altitude

Not every indie game seeks to reinvent the wheel. Some of them are still out there to prove that games are all about fun. They don't have to be filled with innovation or present something that nobody has thought about before. If there wasn't at least some form of imitation in many games, then we would have a very slim selection of games to choose from. 

Altitude is all about that. It's a very simple 2D flying platformer that has the added bonus of perk, rewards, and a leveling up system. You can progress from Airman all the way to General as you pilot your way through simple game modes like Team Base Destruction, Ball, Team Death Match, Free For All, with a variety of one life left alternates.

Altitude has been developed by two developers in New Mexico who decided to take a chance at ditching their day jobs and forming their own company, Nimbly Games. This is their first effort, and so far it's highly addictive. The game is available now for Mac or PC via their website, or on Steam, and there's also a free demo you can download which includes online multiplayer, access to the map editor, and the leveling up system, perks, rewards, etc.


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The controls won't wear out your keyboard, because you'll hardly be hitting any keys at all: left arrow turns you to the left, right arrow to the right, and up and down control your throttle. Fire your primary weapon by hitting F (or the left mouse button) and your secondary by hitting D (or the right mouse button). Occasionally you'll have to hit S to shoot the ball or drop the nuke if you're in Ball or Base Destruction maps, but that's it.

PAX 10: Altitude

You wouldn't think a game like this would be worth more than five minutes of your time, but I'm already an hour into the game and loving it. Perks allow you to give your ship a rubberized hull, more armor, better weapons, and so forth, and as you unlock ships through the levels, you'll be telling yourself "just one more game" over and over. Particularly if you're playing Ball, which simulates a soccer match. It's incredibly addicting, and the only thing missing are the vuvuzelas.

The PAX 10: Altitude


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