The Final Round of the Omegathon Is ...


Posted September 5, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

The Final Round of the Omegathon Is ...

The Omegathon Fina Round is both the cumination of the Omegathon, and the closing curtains on PAX every year. What is the Omegathon, you might be asking? I'll let the PAX website fill this in: 

The Omegathon is a three-day elimination tournament. Twenty Omeganauts are chosen from those who pre-order PAX passes, and compete in games from every category (tabletop, console, PC) culminating in a live championship match on the big stage during PAX closing ceremonies. The final game is always out of left field: we've done PONG, COMBAT, Tetris, Halo3, excitebike, and last year was Skeeball. The grand prize is equally ridiculous; last year's prize was an all expenses paid trip to Japan for Tokyo Game Show 2010.

This year, after they whittled down the competition to just two Omeganauts, the final game was revealed to be ... a claw game! That's right, one of those dollar-suckers that you've probably sunk money into if you've ever had a girlfriend. And not just any claw game. This one was branded the Omegaclaw, and was filled with video game plushies. The contestants had a limited amount of time to grab as many prizes as possible to claim the crown.

The winner? kwollf. He scored 5 toys to his opponent's 1. Pwnage. 

Photo: dickieadams

The Final Round of the Omegathon Is ...


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