Darth Revan Confirmed For Star Wars: The Old Republic


Posted September 4, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Testing Underway

At Pax 2010 this evening, Bioware and Lucasarts revealed that Darth Revan will appear in .upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. When last we left Revan, he was hurtling outside of known space, so hopefully, we'll learn more about the epic journey he/you began in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. What has gone on in the intervening years is anyone's guess.

While there weren't any other super-major revelations at the Pax panel, the gathered thousands (seriously!) of gamers did learn some other interesting things about The Old Republic. First off, Alderon will be featured as a the backdrop for some serious Imperial vs. Republic PvP.

The game will also feature "traditional" MMO elements like crafting, guilds, and raids.

Speaking of MMO traditions, the classes you know and love from other MMOs will have their equivalents in TOR. For example, the Trooper: Commando class is essentially a tank, and the Jedi: Wizard is a healer.

The deviation from "standard" MMO's involves choice and story. The game will feature countless choices that have actual effect in the game world. The consequences for choices will be represented in gameplay.

The example Bioware gave at the presentation was fascinating.One of the early quests for Sith involves spending a long time harvesting crystals in a dungeon run. When you exit, a fellow novice asks you to give up your crystals so he may pass the test. You have the option of sacrificing to help him.. which gives you "Light Side" points. So it's possible to be a Light Side Sith or a Dark Side Jedi... the downside? It's very, very hard: Should you give up your crystals, you'll need to complete the same arduous collection quest you just finished, so choices have real consequences in game.

Another interesting aspect of the game: When you're partied up, and presented with a dark side/light side decision, majority rules. So if you're the odd man out, your game will be affected by the choices your party-mates make. Bioware explained it by essentially saying that when you interact with other people, it sometimes gets a bit... messy. 

This is a minor point, but perhaps an important one: The game's previously announced space combat will be "on rails." The official explanation hearkens back to the Star Wars films. Bioware basically explained that never in the Star Wars films do you see Han Solo and Chewie deciding to "just dick around over there for awhile." Essentially, the space battles are meant to be exciting story elements as opposed to opportunities to explore the boundless reaches of space.

Darth Revan Confirmed For Star Wars: The Old Republic


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