The Verdict: Heavy Rain PlayStation Move Edition


Posted September 1, 2010 - By Dana Leahy

Heavy Rain

The fact that sometimes we run through the office screaming "Jason! Jason! Jason!" at each other is testimony to the fact that Heavy Rain is an influential game. We're big fans of it around here, so we were excited to test it out with PlayStation Move integration.

Heavy Rain creator David Cage has gone on record saying that there probably won't be any more DLC because the team has been tapped to do Move support. Now, finally, we get to see the fruits of their labor.

Since Heavy Rain is a game based on quick time events, it seems a natural fit for the PlayStation Move. While most Move games want you to jump around the living room, Heavy Rain invites you to sit in a chair. It's a nice change of pace from all that standing up. As to how Move is integrated into the game, it's pretty seamless. For some actions, the motion controller is held horizontally and for others, vertically. Then you are instructed with arrows how to move the controller to make the player do what they need to do. Occasionally, you will need to hit the trigger or another button. Heavy Rain was also one of the only games we saw that used the navigation controller, which is what you use to walk around.

The fun part comes when you have to string the actions together. It can take some time to figure it out, but once you do, it does add to the experience. The trick is not to over think it. If you're trying to open the refrigerator door, act like you're opening a fridge door. Don't get too wrapped up in what's happening on the screen. The beauty of the Move is that you can actually do the motion and it will work.

While Move does definitely add to the experience, it's not an overwhelming endorsement. Most people who had played Heavy Rain who got their hands on the Move version thought it was cool and all, but it couldn't hold their attention for another playthrough. Basically, if you've never played Heavy Rain or you're looking to play it again, try it with Move. If you've already played it, the Move stuff is cool, but it's not enough to justify checking the game out again.

Sony is hoping to release the Move patch for Heavy Rain before Christmas.

The Verdict: Heavy Rain PlayStation Move Edition


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