Seattle Police Examine Dungeon And Dragons In Connection With Murder


Posted August 26, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

SavagePolice detectives in Seattle, Washington are exploring Dungeons and Dragons and video games as potential motives for a brutal rape and slaying.

On Aug 17, aptly named 18 year old Tyler Savage reportedly strangled and raped his neighbor, Kimberly "Kimmie" Daily and then dumped her body in a thicket of bushes. Daily was 16 and developmentally disabled.

Savage, who had no previous criminal record, told police that he played Dungeons and Dragons Online after the crime to forget what he had done. Police are looking into the game to see if he was "acting out a violent fantasy from Dungeons and Dragons."

"The defendant admitted some kind of connection between the murder and the video game," Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.said. "I'm not clear at this point what exactly that connection is. The defendant himself said he went to play video games to forget."

Some friends and neighbors of Savage report that he seemed like a "normal" teenager.

"I don't believe he went out onto the streets with the intention of killing somebody. He wasn't that kind of person," said Rusty Sebring, a friend of Savage. "I have no idea what his home life was like or what he could have possibly been going through at this time to have left him in such a mentally unstable state."

While it features plenty of combat, D&D Online isn't a particularly violent video game. It takes place in a fantasy world, and the focus is not on blood and guts, and I'm certain there is no rape in the game. I think detectives are barking up the wrong tree here. Everyone I've ever known who plays Dungeons and Dragons in any form is an upstanding, usually shy person. The opposite of cold-blooded killers.

But the crime itself is so strange -- kid with no record suddenly commits the worst possible crime with no discernible motive -- that it makes sense that investigators are looking into strange motivations here.

Anyway, Savage has been charged with first-degree murder, but has pleaded not guilty. He could be given the death penalty. I imagine as more details become available, we'll find a much less esoteric reason behind the crime, like, say, mental illness.

Source: Seattle PI

Seattle Police Examine Dungeon And Dragons In Connection With Murder


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