Gamescom 2010: Okamiden Preview

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Posted August 25, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson


If you played Okami, you no doubt love the PlayStation 2 and Wii title, so you'll want to play Okamiden, the DS sequel. Somehow, the Okami experience has been shrunk down to fit in the little system, but, judging from the demo, it has retained its essence. Jem Alexander gave it a spin, and describes it like this:

"Okamiden is looking like a solid sequel, despite Hideki Kamiya having left Capcom and the Clover studio having been dissolved. Hopefully the rest of the game holds up to the demo I played, and that they've introduced enough new features that it doesn't feel like a retread. Even if they haven't, Okami fans will probably want to play through to see how the story continues. Who knows, if it does well maybe we'll see a sequel on HD consoles."

Check out the rest of our Okamiden preview right here.

Gamescom 2010: Okamiden Preview


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