Blizzard Planning Big Diablo 3 News For BlizzCon This Year


Posted August 20, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

 Blizzard Planning Big Diablo 3 News For BlizzCon This Year

Do you like speculation? Then start your brain cells, because there is going to be some extremely big Diablo 3 news at BlizzCon this year. Speaking at Gamescom, game director Jay Wilson wouldn't give us any hints about a release date, but he did give us this tidbit: "I can say that this Blizzcon, in terms of Diablo news, will be the biggest one that we've ever had."

We have no idea if that means that the fifth and final class will finally be revealed, that we'll get a release date, or they'll tell everyone that they're joining up with Steam and offering everyone the game as a free download while Diablo segues into a subscription mode. Okay, that last one is just a nightmare we made up to keep your hopes down so you'll be elated when it's actually good news.

If you weren't fast enough on the draw to nab a ticket when they were on sale for milliseconds, or don't want to make the trek to Anaheim: don't worry. G4 will be at BlizzCon in force, so look for more news right here during BlizzCon in October. For my money, I'm hoping they'll buck trends and give us a Steampunk class. I can dream, right?

Blizzard Planning Big Diablo 3 News For BlizzCon This Year