New inFamous 2 Details


Posted August 19, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

New inFamous 2 Details

If The Who were singing about this update, they would belt out "Meet the new Cole; same as the old Cole" which is exactly what fans were clamoring for with inFamous 2. Are you happy? Cole is back to normal, or as normal as he can be. He's not entirely the old Cole, because he's wearing a completely new set of clothes, but the fan furor that broke out over his updated look resulted in a major change to the game. Nice work, fanbase!

Gamescom yielded a few more surprises in store for Cole and the game, which comes out next year, and we've got all the details. Sucker Punch decided to show us a new power, a new baddie, the city of Newmarais, and of course, the return of Old Cole. Read on for more.

New inFamous 2 Details

New/Old Cole

Cole now looks like his good, old self, although you'll quickly realize he's shed his leather jacket for a t-shirt, and he appears to be wearing some sort of running pants now, because it's freakin' hot in Newmarais. Cole doesn't want to sweat as much as possible (you know, water and electricity can be a bad mix), so he's playing it cool. He's also got his new melee weapon, The Amp, strapped on his back.

Cole doesn't just look different this time around, he moves in new ways as well. There's a new actor playing Cole in this game, and he wore a mocap suit while voicing the dialogue. This is the first time Sucker Punch has used mocap, and you'll see Cole acting a lot more human. For starters, he uses both hands now while using his powers. 


inFamous 2 takes place in a city not unlike New Orleans. It's a festive, fetid city on the edge of the bayou, and the whole city is destroyable. Cole's amped up powers result in a lot of hand to hand combat, and that leads to destroyable architecture. In one level we saw, Cole was taking out wooden towers that housed enemies, and they would collapse into a heap of timber.

The city itself has a lot of French/German influences evident in the buildings, and the team has gone to great lengths to create somewhere that feels real. While the Shards won't be back from the first game, Sucker Punch's Bruce Oberg told us that they want to encourage exploration through the new environs, so look for some sort of collectible to appear in this game.

New inFamous 2 Details

New Enemy

The Corrupted are things that have been affected by the same event that gave Cole his powers, and since Newmarais is on the edge of prime swampland, that results in some creepy crawlies coming after you. The Ravager is one of the new enemies in this game, and it looks like an extremely nasty, yet diminutive version of the Cloverfield monster, with the mouth of something from Lost Planet. They aren't easy to take down, but once you do, they squirt yellow ooze into the air during their death throes. Nice.

New Power

Luckily, Cole has some new tricks up his sleeves (or his lack thereof) in order to take down the new creatures. One of those is his Kinetic Pulse. Using it, Cole can levitate objects (including cars) into the air and hurl them at foes, dealing massive damage. Especially if it happens to explode on contact. Normal melee attacks barely catch the Ravager's notice, but you can take them down handily with well-placed Kinetic Pulse attacks.
We'll have more news about inFamous 2 in the weeks to come, and if you haven't played the first one, jump onboard and give it a whirl. It's highly enjoyable, and you'll be ready for this sequel by the time it comes out next year. One note for people expecting multiplayer this time around, "We're focusing on making the best single-player experience possible," said Oberg. Which is just fine with us. We can't even imagine an online world where everyone is tossing electricity at each other. Wait a minute ... yes we can, and it's awesome. Maybe for inFamous 3?
New inFamous 2 Details


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