Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged, Exclusively For Kinect


Posted August 18, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged, Exclusively For Kinect

Ubisoft this morning announced a new fighting game, Fighters Uncaged. The title is geared toward a "core" audience and has been developed exclusively for the Kinect-connected Xbox 360. It comes out in November.

Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft, explained the game like so: “Fighters Uncaged requires players to get out of their seat to engage in a controller-free full-body combat game and experience the authentic fighting style of Thai boxing.”

Players will be able to create 70 different strikes inspired by martial arts and compete in 21 different fighting environments such as rooftops, dark alleys, gritty city docks and abandoned church. According to Ubi, the game features "diverse opponents with unique fighting styles, devastating combos with voice-activated super strikes, opportunities to upgrade your character by unlocking new skills and a jump-in multiplayer feature to take your enemies down with your friends."

I'm in favor of any game that's developed from the ground-up for the new wave of motion-controllers, but I gotta say, Fighters Uncaged sound postively exhausting -- Thai boxing is not a sport for out-of-shape nerds! Still, if there was ever a genre made for Kinect, it's a fighting game.

Here's a full fact sheet from the publisher:

Full Body Combat

  • Using the power of the Kinect, for the first time, gamers are able to realistically fight using their bodies.
  • Unleash 70 devastating moves inspired by free-fight combat techniques.
  • Fight using your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head to take out opponents. Body tracking allows for accurate dodging and blocking of incoming strikes delivering players directly into the game.
    Brutal Fighting System
  • Unleash a chain of attacks with Fighters Uncaged’s multi-layered combo system based on deadly martial art techniques.
  • Deliver devastating super strikes triggered by both movement and voice-activated commands.
  • Execute merciless finishing moves to completely destroy opponents.

    Deep Skill Based Fighting System
  • Use skill to learn your opponents fighting style and cruelly exploit their weaknesses.
  • Adapt your fighting style by moving closer to your opponent for stronger attacks, and alter your position to defend yourself as your every action is tracked.
  • Drive your enemies to the brink of defeat by stunning, exhausting and blinding them before releasing ruthless vengeance.
  • Enter into the Cutthroat World of Illegal Fighting Tournaments
  • Battle ruthless opponents each trained in a different deadly fighting style.
  • Fight through 21 diverse and gritty locations that react dynamically to the action.

We'll have a trailer and some more screens up for you later on today, so sit tight, mang.

Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged, Exclusively For Kinect


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