Lionhead Shows Off New Combat Mechanics In Fable 3 Mourningwood Trailer


Posted August 12, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Fable III Mourningwood Combat Gameplay Trailer »

Lionhead Studios has been making it a point for some time now to stress the number of improvements and advancements that its bringing to the upcoming action-adventure threequel, Fable III. One of the big elements the team has focused on is the combat, and as Lionhead senior designer Josh Atkins recently told CVG, the revamped mechanics will ultimately make each fight “different and memorable – and in the end, more action-packed than before.”

For the magically inclined, you’ll be pleased to know that Fable III’s spell casting system doesn’t level up by strength this time around, but rather by speed, meaning that you start off with the spell in its most powerful state, but you won’t be able to cast it that quickly. The more you level it up though, the faster your casting becomes.

“This means magic for all levels is much less about standing about waiting to charge up to useful levels and is more immediate and fun,” Atkins explained.

Players can also combine any two spells at a given time thanks to the game’s Spellweaving system. This will no doubt lead to a lot of experimentation as each spell will act differently when combined with another. The example Atkins gave was mixing a fireball spell with a vortex spell to create a fiery tornado of…fire.

We'll be seeing more of Fable III at Gamescom in Germany next week, so be sure to check back then for updated impressions of Peter Molyneux's latest.

Source: CVG

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Lionhead Shows Off New Combat Mechanics In Fable 3 Mourningwood Trailer


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