Mafia 2 Demo: Playboy Locations Guide


Posted August 10, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

I know that the last place you’d expect to find images of naked women would be an Internet website, but here we are. And perhaps even more shocking is that this isn’t your typical nudity. We’re talking vintage Playboy nudity here, compliments of the newly released demo for 2K’s Mafia II. As in the full game, the demo includes classic issues of Hugh Hefner’s iconic mag, and since the demo only allows you 10 minutes of free roam time, we’ve put together this little video guide to help you get the most vintage ogling for your buck while playing the all-too-short demo.

Mafia II Demo: Playboy Locations »


Hit the jump for a full breakdown of issue locations.

  • Issue #1: The first Playboy is impossible to miss as it is sitting right on your kitchen counter, in plain sight of children, houseguests, and anyone else you don’t mind scarring for life.
  • Issue #2: The second issue can be found in the gun shop located on the way to the mission objective.
  • Issue #3: The third mag can be found in the diner, which you'll also pass on the way to the mission location.
  • Issue #4: Before you proceed to the mission checkpoint, backtrack slightly to the nearest clothing store (check the mini-map), and apologize to the female clientele before picking up the fourth issue.
  • Issue #5: Start the demo mission, and fight your way into the warehouse. Once you get off the elevator, clear out the forward room, and proceed to the back staircase. Once you take out the two goons on the upper floor, check out the crates along the left wall to find the fifth and final issue.

The full game includes 50 classic Playboys to find and appreciate for their articles, but these five will have to do until Mafia II hits shelves August 24. Until then, happy hunting!

P.S. And before you ask, yes, we added those censor bars. Check out the demo to see the uncensored images.

Mafia 2 Demo: Playboy Locations Guide


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