Naughty Dog: We'll Only Use 3D If It Fits The Story


Posted August 4, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

The Verdict: Uncharted 2: Siege DLC Pack

You know why James Cameron's: Avatar is such a great movie? Not because of that hoary story, that's for sure, but rather because James Cameron uses 3D technology to tell the story in a way that no one has ever done before. Rather than just being a dumb gimmick where characters throw golf-balls at the audience, Avatar's fake-depth conveys emotional depth. 

You know when a truly great 3D or motion control video game is going to come out? Me neither, but  it will be when someone uses the new technologies as something other than the latest gimmick... and Uncharted 2 developer Naughty Dog seems to "get it."

According to Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer, the developer will only include 3D or Move in its future games if it “fits into the story”.

“What we may do with this technology depends on how it fits into the story we want to do," Meyer said. "So we haven’t made any decisions at this time. Generally speaking, it is an exciting technology to see come to fruition in the home, as it opens a variety of ways developers can innovate with their narrative and with their games.”

Source: PlayStation University

Naughty Dog: We'll Only Use 3D If It Fits The Story


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