Wacky Rumor: Future Catwoman To Join Batman 3?


Posted August 2, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Wacky Rumor: Future Catwoman To Join Batman 3?

Could we be getting our first glimpse of the new Catwoman in Batman 3? Well, if the latest rumor about Christopher Nolan's upcoming follow-up to The Dark Knight has anything to say about it, then yes. According to ComicBookMovie, they've received word from a "reliable source" that the one and only Selina Kyle will indeed be part of the still unnamed third part of the Batman epic. Having glanced at some script notes which make reference to Selina's character, CBM's source may have stumbled upon some big news for the future love life of Christian Bale's tortured, gruffly-voiced, blame-absorbing Batman.

According to CBM:

"The problem is, the rumor didn't originate with my source! It's more like one of those heard it from a friend type deals. Anyway, apparently said friend got a glimpse at some "script notes" from Nolan's upcoming Batman 3. I find it a bit hard to believe that any scribblings pertaining to Chris and brother Jonathan Nolan's script would be circulating around any offices! But there you go."

Since even CBM's own write-up implies some incredulity, you'd be recommended to find the tiniest grain of salt to take with this story. The source in question also mentioned previously about seeing references to the Riddler in the said script notes. Again -- Considering that both Riddler and Catwoman are easy front-runners for villain spots, this doesn't exactly send our "Truth-O-Meter 1999" into a buzzing frenzy.

If, indeed, they work Selina Kyle into the Batman story, it could be only for the purposes of setting her up as Bruce Wayne's latest romantic interest after the death of his beloved Rachel. (Who managed to posthumously kick the billionaire playboy to the curb.) Catwoman has taken many forms over the years, but it would be important to establish Selina as a long-term love interest and invest the necessary time towards making that romance matter to the audience. This makes it doubtful that we'd get Frank Miller's gritty, leather-clad dominitrix. Having her don the skimpy cat-costume in the same movie we meet her, would therefore be a mistake from where I sit.

Whether it be the Riddler, Penguin, or some other primary villain, Selina's story could unfold right before us in this third film, making a potential Batman 4 something that people will truly need to see. This seems to be the strategy being done with Carol Ferris in The Green Lantern, who will eventually (in a future film, presumably,) become the iconic villain Star Saphire.

What do you think? Is there room for Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman 3?

Source: ComicBookMovie

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Wacky Rumor: Future Catwoman To Join Batman 3?


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