Lionhead Launches Browser-Based Villager Creator For Fable 3


Posted August 2, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Lionhead Studios Launches Browser-Based Villager Creator For Fable 3

Lionhead Studios launched a new browser application today that lets Fable fans create their own villagers in the style of the developer’s upcoming adventure threequel Fable III.

Those would-be designers who pre-order Fable III will receive a bonus: the ability to bring their creation into the game when it releases later this year. And not only will players be able to see the villager of their making in the virtual flesh, but the NPC will also give pre-orderers access to an exclusive quest and 1,000 gold pieces. The NPC will also give you something called “guild seals,” which Lionhead says will make sense once players get the game.

The Villager Maker includes over 2,000 variants ranging from biography, clothing, home region, personality traits, and more. Before you dive in yourself, check out this tutorial video that Lionhead put together to familiarize users with the creation tools:

Anyone created a villager yet? Care to share? The above image is the female Stephen Johnson I just made. Quite the looker, no?

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Lionhead Launches Browser-Based Villager Creator For Fable 3