Gear Up For Your First StarCraft II Weekend


Posted July 30, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

Your First Weekend With StarCraft II: The Gear You Need »

Many of you probably picked up StarCraft II this week, and many more of you might be rushing to get it right now. If you're trying to hold down a job or finish school, you might not have been able to spend some serious time with the game yet. Until now. The StarCraft II inaugural weekend begins ... right now.

Our intrepid soldier has beefed up his provisions bag with everything needed for a non-stop 48 jag through the Koprulu Sector in order to kick some Zerg and Protoss butt. For the record, check out what we're packing:

  • Alienware M15X: This made-for-gaming laptop weighs a billion pounds, but it makes the game look amazing. Just keep a chiropractor on-call if you plan on lugging it around. When you need a break, it also plays Blu-rays. I recommend the excellent Road to Perdition which just made its Blu-ray debut this week.
  • Razer Marauder: It lights up. It measures your Actions Per Minute and gives you feedback on them via an integrated lighting system. It records macros. It's branded with the StarCraft II logo. Plus it's stocky and robust, and just looks like a tough keyboard. I don't know if most Marauder pilots are smart enough to use keyboards, but if they were, this is what they'd pound away on.
  • Razer Spectre: Another officially licensed StarCraft peripheral, this mouse features the same APM lighting system as the Marauder, and it has five programmable buttons than even let you adjust the force needed to push them. Basically, it's mouse overkill because it features something called 1000Hz Ultrapolling. I have no idea what that even means, but I'm in love with the braided cord, because I've broken more mice cables than I can count.
  • Razer Banshee: Because you're going to want to talk to all the new friends you're making, you need a quality microphone on your head. Plus, it wouldn't hurt if that microphone came along with a powerful sounding headset. The Banshee has all your head-holes covered, pumping out the screams of dying Zerg and sucking out your words via the detachable boom mike. Plus, since Razer loves lights, it also has the APM lighting system. Aural-rific.
  • Gamer Grub: The package on these things claim that they are chock full of vitamins and neurotransmitters, which hopefully means I won't go brain-dead by the end of the weekend. The flavors are surprisingly accurate, meaning that PB&J actually tastes like peanut butter and jelly. It comes packaged in easy to open (and reseal) pouches, promises not to get your hands greasy, and will sustain your all-weekend gaming binge. Personally, I recommend BBQ or Pizza for maximum savor.
  • Mana Energy and Mana Health Potions: You're going to need liquid to keep you going, but the problem is that with a Ginormo-Gulp from the convenience store down the street, you're going to have to go to the bathroom. A lot. Nothing can kill a multiplayer match faster than the pause button, and your bladder doesn't need that sort of pressure. Instead, maximize your liquid libations with Mana drinks. These quench your thirst, and give you SCV-loads of energy. Or 5 to 8 hours worth. Your mileage may vary.
  • Adult Diapers: As mentioned above, you're going to have to go to the bathroom at some point. But does that mean you need to get up from your chair? Why, not at all! In fact, you don't have to get up at all. With one of these tucked beneath your clothes (or if you're very brave, the only thing you have on), you can game away without having to take a break for the call of nature. I'm not sure what the max load on these things is, but if you pace yourself you should be able to make 'em last.
  • Ghost Messenger Bag: Although Starcraft: Ghost might have vanished forever from the development arena, that doesn't mean you can't carry on the legend. This stylish messenger bag features voluminous pockets, StarCraft II branding, and has one interior panel dedicated to a huge screenshot from the game. It'll carry your laptop, your gear, a change of clothes, some sort of body spray, and your dignity extremely well. Just don't use it for transporting your adult diapers. Please.

That's what we'll have nearby while we power through the game. What are you stocking up on? Got a favorite piece of gear? Have you canceled an important event to spend time with this game over the weekend? Looking forward to anything particular in the game? Sound off below to let us know, and hit me up on Battle.Net if you want to get some game on. My Character Name is Shazam, and my Number is 420. And I swear, that just got assigned to me randomly.

SCV good to go!

Gear Up For Your First StarCraft II Weekend


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