Garriott Defeats NCSoft To The Tune Of $28 Million


Posted July 30, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Richard "Lord British" Garriott, creator of Ultima and incredibly awesome rich guy, will have some extra money to spend on space trips, antique magic equipment and solid gold aviaries. Garriott's legal team of Dupre, Shamino and Geoffery, Attorneys at Law (okay, actually Fish and Richardson) issued a statement reading:

“Because NCsoft mischaracterized his termination as voluntary, Mr. Garriott was forced to sell his stock options 2 1/2 years early, costing him millions of dollars. Jurors found NCsoft liable for breaching the stock option agreement with Mr. Garriott, and awarded him $28 million in damages.”

You could buy over 17 hamburgers with that kind of money!

The background story of this lawsuit is amazing: Basically, When NCSoft bought Garriott's company, the contract said they didn't have to honor his stock options if he voluntarily left NCSoft. Garriott developed MMO Tabula Rasa. Then Garriott decided to go into space.

Apparently, NCSoft interpreted Garriott leaving the entire planet as voluntarily terminating his employment. So they dropped him while he was in space quarantine -- guy went into space and was, basically, fired. Best. Job Loss. Ever.

Source: Game Politics

Garriott Defeats NCSoft To The Tune Of $28 Million


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