Bethesda Not Planning Wii or Motion Control Games


Posted July 30, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Bethesda Todd Howard

Over the last couple years, TheFeed has written so many stories about development companies leaping into the iPhone game space, or diverting resources from core game development to focus on Wii titles, or shoehorning in motion controls where they don't fit, that it's nice to write a story from the opposite point of view.

According to executive producer Todd Howard, Bethesda is waiting on adding Kinect or Move support to games, and isn't working on a Wii title, nor are they rushing to add 3D. Bethseda is also not making a Facebook game. He didn't mention it, but I assume Howard is not working on a browser-based, casual MMO either. Instead, they'll be creating the epic games gamers actually want. Although Howard did mention wanting to make an iPhone game, but the project is on the "back burner"

Industry Gamers asked Howard whether his company is working on any 3D or Kinect titles, and he said:

"No, I sort of take a wait-and-see approach on that. We do a bunch of games, so 'X' developer might decide, 'Hey we can take advantage of Kinect this way.' I think it really depends on the game.

When asked about the Wii, Howard said,

"From my group, which is the internal Bethesda development team, probably not. The stuff we’re doing is a better fit on the other platforms. You can never say never, but I think for the kind of games that we like to play and make, it fits the other platforms... if there’s going to be some bigger, more mature games on it, the system, for better or worse, has been moved to this demographic [younger people]. If we had an idea that we thought would really take advantage of that platform, we would do something for it. Usually, we’re thinking more in terms of graphically doing things that the other systems do. That’s what we get excited about."

As for Facebook games, here's Howard's take:

"I’ve got to be honest: I don’t get it. I look at it and try to understand but for now I’ve just decided to ignore it (laughter). I think, one day, maybe I’ll figure it out, but until then, I don’t see the allure of those kinds of games. There might be a way to connect people. I think that’s always a good goal: to connect people through your game. So I’ve kind of looked into that, how we might be able to do some of those things. But as far as a game on there, I don’t know.

Refreshing right?

Source: Industry Gamers

Bethesda Not Planning Wii or Motion Control Games


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