Review: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - "StarCraft II is what I've always wanted out of an RTS"


Posted July 29, 2010 - By Dana Leahy

StarCraft II

There are some unalienable rights endowed to humans without regard to laws, customs or beliefs. They include life, liberty and the pursuit of StarCraft II. Now, I forget if it was Thomas Jefferson or John Locke who said that, but I know that there's no way I could have possibly gotten the last part mixed up.

With the release of the highly anticipated (boy, does that seem like an understatement) game StarCraft II, it's been a big week for both hardcore and casual RTS fans. No one, however, was waiting more eagerly than our very own Morgan Webb, who with lightening speed, has delivered her StarCraft II review.

Take it away, Morgan!

"In most Real-Time Strategy games that actually bother with a story, you watch a cut scene or listen to a fake news report, then play a skirmish that has no real relationship to what you just watched. What StarCraft II does so well--what it does absolutely flawlessly in fact--is integrating the story with the gameplay. You actually feel like you are winning specific battles that are important to the story.  Each mission introduces a new unit or a new concept, and allows you to hone specific skills. For example, an early mission has you attacking bases during the day, and defending your base against constant attack at night. This allows you to practice both skills while the ticking clock keeps you interested."

On the off-chance you're on a bus or waiting for your bionic hand to arrive and not playing StarCraft II right now, you should read the rest of Morgan's excellent review!

Review: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - "StarCraft II is what I've always wanted out of an RTS"


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