The Comic-Con Trailer For Thor Hits The Web


Posted July 29, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

The Comic-Con Trailer For Thor Hits The Web

The much-discussed trailer for Marvel's Thor, which was shown last week at Comic-Con is finally starting to work its way to the Internet, and despite what Odin might think, it is actually quite worthy of its title. Unfortunately, uploads have been disappearing faster than a lost iPad left on a park bench outside an Apple Store. Therefore, I hope that enough people get a chance to see this, because it quite impressive. If you think director and Shakespearean legend Kenneth Branagh plans to utilize Marvel's Thunder God for some pretentious costumed epic with soliloquies, suicidal maidens, and poison-tipped rapier duels, think again! Based on what we see, Thor is a hybrid epic of the classical tragedy, Arthurian destiny, with intense action that works quite well. Do check out the video below. (Which will hopefully still work.)

We see Thor cast out of Asgard, wake up with Natalie Portman fawning over him, sporting a ridiculously cut bod that makes the ladies all tingly, all while working to discover his destiny and take the power of the mystic hammer Mjolnir. That's right, Loki, the usurper of Asgard's crown has an ass-kicking with his name on it, and something tells me that Thor's gonna take that curly-horned hat he's sporting, turn it sideways and stick it straight up his candy...oh wait, despite early rumors, this film will be without WWE superstars of any kind. Never mind.

On a final note, how cool is the Destroyer? Agent Coulson and his pals couldn't high-tail fast enough. It's like a walking Death Star that just vomits destruction.

The Comic-Con Trailer For Thor Hits The Web


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