Trailer For Titanic II: The Unthinkable Has Been Achieved


Posted July 28, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

Trailer For Titanic II: The Unthinkable Has Been Achieved

What you're about to see, is not some clever viral video with a tongue-in-cheek joke about Hollywood daring to make a sequel to James Cameron's Titanic. Nope, this is a real trailer for a real film, as the folks over at film studio The Asylum have dared to do the unthinkable. (See below.) Of course, these are the same folks responsible for a plethora of straight-to-DVD films that have become mainstays of SyFy movie night, which, to the point of glibness, rip-off known Hollywood blockbusters. Do films like: 2012: Doomsday, Alan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, The Day The Earth Stopped, along with the films from the Transmorphers series ring a bell? Oh, and lest we forget, they also gave us gems like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha.

Of course, the "first" Titanic dominated the box-office for the better part of early 1998, thanks to the millions of poor saps were repeatedly dragged to theaters by overzealous girlfriends, and the film has an iconic place in cinema history because of that success. However, fans who still walk around with a replica of the Heart of the Ocean and have perfected "My Heart Will Go On" to a karaoke art form need not worry about the canon being polluted. -- It's not a direct sequel, but rather, portrays a modern ship named after the ill-fated luxury-liner, which runs into a disaster of its own. (Besides CGI effects that could be bested by a first year student.) The culprit seems to be either Al-Qaeda or Mutant Mummies from Mars.

But then again, who knows? Maybe the film's star Bruce Davison, (a respectable actor, btw) will time-travel back to the original Titanic and use some futuristic space gizmo to take control of Giant Octopus to have him knock that nasty iceberg out of the way. However, they would eventually find out that the iceberg was actually an undercover alien that was sent to Earth disguised as an iceberg in a Terminator-like quest to kill Leonardo DiCaprio's character, who was destined to stop an invasion in the future.

...Okay, while I may have gone a little off the reservation on that one, this looks like a guilty-pleasure just waiting to happen. If there is one thing that's fundamentally certain: The steerage section is f****d.

Trailer For Titanic II: The Unthinkable Has Been Achieved


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