G4 Exclusive - Inside the Tron Legacy Party


Posted July 23, 2010 - By Rick Damigella

G4 Exclusive - Flynn's Arcade

Greetings late night Feed readers. I have literally just made it back from the Tron Legacy Comic-Con party. If you follow Attack of the Show on Twitter, you might have been reading my live blog updates from there. This was the destination for Tron fans, who have been playing the upcoming sequel's ARG since Comic-Con of last year! This was their endgame so to speak. Derez yourselves and come check out our pictures from the party.

G4 was invited by Disney to be the exclusive TV broadcaster covering this elite Comic-Con after hours event. The set up was similar to last year's Flynn's Arcade event, even being held in the same space. The moth-balled classic arcade games are like a scene straight from the upcoming movie.

G4 Exclusive - Inside Flynn's Arcade

But there's a bit more going on inside the walls of the Home of Tron.

G4 Exclusive - Home of Tron

After being derezzed by the Tron laser, party goers were transported into the world of Tron and into the End of Line club from Tron: Legacy.

G4 Exclusive - End of Line Club

The 50+ foot long video wall behind the bar showed new scenes from Tron: Legacy. (not actually shown here, but it is still impressive looking.)

G4 Exclusive - Tron Bar

DJ Jason Bentley was on hand, spinning a mix of electronic throbbing beats, which included some Daft Punk (who are doing the score for the film).

G4 Exclusive - DJ Jason Bentley

The waitresses were glowing characters straight off the game grid.

G4 Exclusive - Glowing Waitress

The new, Tron Legacy videogame warriors were also on hand.

G4 Exclusive - Videogame Warrior

This rather tall femme fatale was quite the belle of the digital ball.

G4 Exclusive - Sexy Warrior

There was a game that attendees could play, where you had to match up drink coasters to stations throughout the bar. The good news is, The Feed figured out all the codes! The not-so-great news is, don't ask us what to do with them! We never found that out. But, we did also figure out a Tron Legacy phone number you can call. Here are the codes and the number. Enjoy!








As we said before, G4 was the exclusive broadcaster covering this event. These are just images, so if you want to see the awesome that was the Tron Legacy Comic-Con party, tune in to G4TV on Saturday at 3pm ET for Comic-Con '10 Live!

If you are as excited about Tron Legacy as I am, we can stay in touch via identity disc. No, not really, but you can via Twitter.

G4 Exclusive - Inside the Tron Legacy Party


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