Medal of Honor Team Rebranded As Danger Close Games


Posted July 22, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Medal of Honor Team Rebranded Danger Close Games

Electronic Arts announced during Comic-Con 2010 today that it has formed a new studio called Danger Close Games that will responsible for overseeing the newly rebooted Medal of Honor franchise.

According to the official studio announcement, “danger close” is military speak for letting friendly forces that they are nearing a target, and represents “the decision to take a chance directly with an enemy, rather than sit back and call in the airstrikes/artillery from a safe distance.”

This “pushing the boundaries” philosophy is what the Danger Close team is looking to bring to Medal of Honor by way of the decision to “take on a story that is both controversial and one that needs to be told.”

It isn't clear what other projects Danger Close will helm, but there are still three more days left of Comic-Con, so expect to hear more about the newly minted studio soon.

Medal of Honor "Hammer & Scalpel" Trailer »

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Medal of Honor Team Rebranded As Danger Close Games