Microsoft Prices Kinect, New Bundle And 4GB 360 Announced


Posted July 20, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Microsoft Kinect Priced, New Bundle And 360 SKU Announced

Microsoft today announced that its motion-controlled Kinect will retail for $149.99, and will include a copy of Kinect Adventures. Microsoft also revealed release and pricing details for a new 4GB Xbox 360 SKU, as well as a Kinect console bundle.

The new 360 goes on sale August 3 for $199.99, but it will also be part of a Kinect bundle that includes a shiny new console, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures all for $299.99. Microsoft didn’t specify when the Kinect bundle will be released, but seeing as Kinect doesn’t release until November 4, I’d say that would be a good guess. Also, if you pre-order the Kinect bundle, you’ll snag a download token for three exclusive levels for Kinect Adventures.

Microsoft also announced that there will be over 15 Kinect titles available at launch. While we still don’t know all of the games just yet, Microsoft has confirmed that first-party Kinect games will cost $49.99. This also means that Microsoft could offer Kinect by itself for $100 for those gamers who are more interested in the technology of Kinect at launch as opposed to the games, but, sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The price isn't a big surprise, but do you think you'll drop $150 for Kinect this holiday? Would you consider picking it up more if it didn't include a game and was $50 cheaper? What do you think of the 4GB flash memory? Kind of strange, no?

You can find even more shots of Kinect, the bundle, and the new console in our photo gallery.

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Microsoft Prices Kinect, New Bundle And 4GB 360 Announced


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