Connecticut Joins 11-State Anti-Gaming Coalition


Posted July 19, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

California Senator And Two Psychiatric Groups Petition The Supreme Court Over Violent Video Game Law

As you might know, the Supreme Court could perhaps decide the fate of all video games this fall, when it rules on whether California was within its Constitutional rights when it passed a law requiring retailers to prevent minors from purchasing M-Rated games.

Now, other states are jumping on the bandwagon in support of California. Eleven states have joined a multi-state coalition is seeking to restrict the sales of violent games to kids. The latest to join the league of anti-gaming states: Connecticut.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a democrat, filed amicus brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, in support of the measure. In a statement, Blumenthal said:

"Parents deserve tools to protect children from games that showcase digital decapitation and rape,” Blumenthal said. “Certain games dangerously desensitize children with simulated homicide and hate crimes, turning graphic executions into entertainment. In the face of continued industry inaction -- enabling unattended children to buy such games -- states must preserve their critical right to protect children."

Blumenthal believes the anti-gaming law is "critical to preserve the state’s right to impose" limits on game sales to minors.

A couple things. First:  I don't understand why politicians always add rape to the mix when talking about video games. Other than a few very obscure Japanese games, there really aren't any commercially available games that allow players to rape women, and there hasn't been since the late 70s, maybe (correct me if I'm wrong, rape-game fans). There are a ton of games with "digital decapitations," however, and you'd think that would be shocking enough for non-gamers.

Secondly: One of the things that I love about America is the overriding authority of the Constitution. I have confidence that this fall will see the Supreme Court rule that games are speech and States can't restrict it. Then, I sincerely hope to never write or read another story about another dumb state wasting taxpayer money and time with laws aimed at restricting games.

I'd like our law-makers to focus on real problems in the actual world as opposed to turning their attention to fake problems in imaginary worlds. Imagine if law-makers in the 1940s tried to ban Bugs Bunny or the Three Stooges for encouraging violence? That's how silly these kinds of laws are.

Source: Game Politics

Connecticut Joins 11-State Anti-Gaming Coalition


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