Rumor: Video Shows Modern Warfare 2 "Membership" Request?


Posted July 19, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Last week, we brought you word that industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks Call of Duty's multiplayer will soon cost something to play, and that the release of Black Ops will likely bring this nickle and diming to us all. Obviously, gamers were upset.

Today we have a YouTube video that purports to show a MW 2 menu reading "no memberships available at this time." Check it out:

According to the YouTube poster:

"The title of the menu reads, "Modern Warfare 2 Membersh". The last word is "Memberships" according to the message given in the menu. Could Activision be planning on charging us for CoD multiplayer?

Was trying to join a friend's session when this menu popped up. I don't know what caused it to appear, and I haven't been able to get it to appear again."

I smell "fake" all over this. The timing is too convenient. Pachter (who has no official connection to Activision, BTW) mentions the possibility of fees for COD multiplayer late last week, and early this week a video appears? I'm not buying it. Plus, this menu just happened to appear while someone was capping game footage?

I am, however, buying the possibility/likelihood that Activision will start charging for some aspects of multiplayer shooting. When has a huge corporation ever turned down a guaranteed money-maker? And charging the millions of people who buy Black Ops a little extra for the "best" parts of the game seems like a no-brainer to me. It's sad, but logical...

Rumor: Video Shows Modern Warfare 2 "Membership" Request?


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