WSJ: Starcraft 2 Cost $100 Million


Posted July 16, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Do you know how much Starcraft 2 cost to develop? Well, the Wall Street Journal says it cost around $100 million dollars. You could buy like 45 cheeseburgers with that kind of money!

Of course, 45 cheeseburgers is a much worse investment than Stacraft 2.--unless you're really hungry. Starcraft 2 is likely to be not just one of the best-selling PC video games of all time, but also the cornerstone of Acti-Blizzard's Battlenet, which is poised to become a Facebook like social networking phenomenon... at least that's the plan. Whether it will pan out on a huge scale depends on how inviting the community is to gamers who play Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft.

In order to break even, Starcraft 2 needs to sell really well. At $60 a shot, it needs to sell 1.7 million copies to break even, which would be a huge hurdle for just about any other game on earth. Starcraft, though, has such a huge international following -- the entire nation of South Korea is waiting for this game -- that we can expect it to be profitable almost immediately upon its release, high development costs or not.

Source: Wall Street Journal

WSJ: Starcraft 2 Cost $100 Million


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