Local News Alert: Kids Getting High On Digital Drugs!


Posted July 16, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

There's nothing all that new about "binaural beats." The low frequency sounds that supposedly change your brain waves and lead to new thoughts and states of being were discovered in 1839, and have been toyed around with by scientists (mad, no doubt) and others since. So why am I talking about them now? Because, according to Kansas' News 9, kids are getting high from using digital drugs made up of the insidious sounds!

"It's just scary," said Kelly Johnson, a parent and teacher in Kansas, "It's just one more thing to look out for." Check it out in the video below:

Kids who listen to the illicit sounds report... you know what, life is short. Find out for yourself. TheFeed doesn't advocate using drugs, but we do advocate listening to things on the internet, so I want you to go to this YouTube video, right now, put your headphones on and get high. I'll do it too. We'll iDose together... ready? Go...

... Oh. My. God. I saw smells. At first, I just listened to the tones, but suddenly, my spirit... my very soul... left my body. All of my future selves and past selves split off from my present self and slid away into the Cosmic Eternal until there was nothing but the Now. It's all become clear to me: I'm not just some creature clinging to a rock, hurtling through space, I'm an ageless Spirit Being joined in a beautiful, eternal pas de deux with the Forever-verse. Also, I got a headache and there's blood all over my mouth...

What about you? Did you get ripped on an annoying sound? Also: Who's dumber: Kids who try to get high from listening to sounds or parents who freak out about it? I guess there's not much to worry about in Kansas.

Local News Alert: Kids Getting High On Digital Drugs!


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