Double Fine Working On Four Games


Posted July 15, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

'Brutal Legend' First Look: Flat-Out Fun!

Tim Schafer's been on our blog a lot over the last couple days. Yesterday, the head of Double Fine called Bobby Kotick both a d*ck and a pr*ck (he later said it was "an accident"), and a new Double Fine T-shirt design led the gullible (Jake Gaskill) to imagine a Psychonauts sequel, and now this: Schafer says his company is at work on four games, none of which are Brutal Legend 2.

Each game has a separate producer, and we don't have info on platforms or release dates yet, but the small size of the games probably means they'll be coming down the pike pretty soon. Here's the rundown on the games, from Joystiq :

  • Lee Petty, art director on Brütal Legend, is leading a game Schafer described as "sort of retro but also really new."
  • Nathan Marts, lead programmer on Brütal Legend, is working on a game that's "quite cutting edge."
  • Brad Muir, who designed a lot of the combat and multiplayer on Brütal Legend, is working on a game that "focuses on gameplay mechanics."
  • Tasha Harris, lead animator on Brütal Legend (and former senior animator at Pixar) is heading up a fourth game.

As for Brutal Legend 2, here's how Schafer put it in keynote a speech this morning: "Apparently when they said it was a done deal, they meant there was no deal, and we're done."

Source: Joystiq

Double Fine Working On Four Games


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