Today’s Did You Know? Fact: Steven Spielberg And NiGHTS Into Dreams


Posted July 14, 2010 - By pklepek

Today’s Did You Know? Fact: Steven Spielberg And NiGHTS Into Dreams

It’s not a mystery that legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg is a fan of video games, but hearing to what extend the director has interacted with video games in the past, pre-Boom Blox is interesting. Yuji Naka recently granted an interview to NiGHTS Into Dreams fansite nightsintodreams.com and revealed the connection between NiGHTS and Mr. Spielberg.

Spielberg came up when Naka was asked about possibly working on a sequel to the game.

“I have been asked hundreds of times to make the sequel of NiGHTS, but have no desire to create one,” he said. “As I feel the same way that my beloved Mr. Steven Spielberg would never make a sequel to ET because it was his first work and such a fantastic film. I feel the same way about NiGHTS. Oh, the first person to play NiGHTS, other than the SEGA team, was Mr. Spielberg. During the development of the NiGHTS game, he visited SEGA and we asked him to play with an experimental version of the new controller. Since then we called it the Spielberg controller.”

Fascinating stuff.

Source: nightsintodreams.com

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Today’s Did You Know? Fact: Steven Spielberg And NiGHTS Into Dreams


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