Review: APB "An MMO Whose Gameplay Is MIA"


Posted July 14, 2010 - By G4Sterling


APB: All Points Bulletin is Scottish game studio Realtime Worlds' follow up to the surprise hit Crackdown. It's an MMO shooter that lets you play cops and robbers on a widespread scale. Yet, as Scott Alan Marriott discovered, it's not all it's cracked up to be. He dishes some dirt here:

"Every major action you do outside of driving and shooting involves holding down the "F" key and waiting until a circular meter fills, with the idea that at any point, you could be interrupted by the opposing faction. So mugging consists of holding a key as a meter works its way around. You don't actually punch the people, the victim never puts up a fight, and the animation is exactly the same each time you do it. Stealing a car involves the same single-key system, and all of the jobs you'll take will test your ability to hold down the "F" key near an identified target. Exciting, it's not, especially in an action game."

Were you waiting to pick up APB until the initial impressions came out? Read Scott's review to find out more!

Review: APB "An MMO Whose Gameplay Is MIA"


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