The Latest Superman Rumors: Zachary Levi As Superman?


Posted July 13, 2010 - By Joseph Baxter

The Latest Superman Rumors: Zachary Levi As Superman?

As things start rolling for the upcoming reboot of the Superman film franchise, the rumors have already begun to unravel. The latest comes from Geek Tyrant, who, if correct, may have dropped some major news on the film set for release at the end of 2012, which is tentatively referred to as Superman: Man of Steel. According to their source, Jonathan Nolan, brother of The Dark Knight and Inception director is currently the film's "unannounced director." Additionally, they've come across the info that auditions for the film are taking place as we speak. While details are unknown on exactly what roles are being auditioned, one of the more prominent names that showed for the call, was Chuck's Zachary Levi. Speculation, therefore, is running rampant.

When word got around that the man behind The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan would be on board in the capacity as a supervising producer, this was undoubtedly good news. To have such a tested commodity in Nolan around to make sure the film's proverbial "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed is comforting for fans who were disappointed in Bryan Singer's 2006 revival effort in Superman Returns. (Although personally, I think the script itself was the culprit.) While recent rumors about an established big-name in Chris Columbus being offered the director's chair have proven false, it seems that a rumor that's nearly the direct opposite has surfaced in Jonathan Nolan. While he was involved in the screenwriting process for a great deal of Christopher Nolan's major hits such as The Dark Knight and Memento, the Nolan sibling has not directed a single film. However, as Geek Tyrant points out, this may be a bit of quid pro quo on Warner's part to obtain Christopher Nolan's involvement as he juggles Batman 3. While it may seem like a horrible gamble to place a film in the neighborhood of $200 million in the hands of someone with no experience, it may be a sign that Christopher's involvement may be conditionally more hands-on in a teaching capacity. This would have to be like going from being "kind of good" at playing Madden on your 360 to coaching a team in the Super Bowl in real life. It's on-the-job training...on crack!

As far as the Zachary Levi rumor goes, it's very sketchy as even the rumor report itself was unclear if Levi was auditioning for the Man of Steel or some other supporting role. For all we know, he could be Lex Luthor. (Which, for the record, would be dumb.) However, at the risk of indulging the "Chuck as Superman" possibility, it has the potential to work. As far as the Clark Kent aspect goes, Levi is tailor-made for the awkwardness, bumbling, and stuttering required for Supe's alter-ego. As the Man of Steel himself, that's really where the film itself would come to a crossroads. Do they want to go the route of having a Superman who's square-jawed, classically handsome, but basically one-dimensional in his "goodness?" Or do they want to go the route of having a Superman who's not completely put-together, unsure of himself at times, but ultimately does the right thing and saves the day, often in spite of himself? It's an important question and would be a good indicator of where we are culturally in our perception of heroic archetypes. If there's one thing that's definitely clear, it's that Superman can never be as dark and tormented as Nolan's incarnation of Batman. However, a good visit into the character's pathos would be welcomed.

In what direction would you like to see the Superman reboot go? Some Charles Atlas look-alike, one-dimensional ass-beater? Or layered and flawed?

Source: Geek Tyrant

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The Latest Superman Rumors: Zachary Levi As Superman?


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