The Ask G4 Project: Your Questions Answered Volume 6!


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We haven't forgotten about you, #AskG4 is back ! For those unfamiliar with #AskG4 we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us on Twitter with the inclusion of the hashtag #AskG4.   You did, and we're grateful. Below, you'll find answers, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.
IanBply1 asks What are the weapons in the teddy bear killing game?
G4: You must be talking about Naughty Bear. In Naughty Bear you play as Naughty, a teddy bear that hasn't been invited to another bear's birthday party. Naughty gets angry and he takes out his aggressions with an assortment of different weapons.
Some weapons include:
  • baseball bat
  • stick
  • leg of meat
  • axe
  • machete
  • samurai sword
  • bigger axe
  • magnum
  • uzi
  • your fists
...just to name a few.
neutralzerozen asks When is a g4 app coming to Android?
G4: As most of you know, The Official G4 app has launched. At this time the app is just for iPhones but rest assured Android users, we have not forgotten about you. The G4 Android app is being worked on. There is no release date yet but it's coming, and you're going to love it.
itsmarrio ask What are your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan?
G4: We here at G4 were big fans of the live-streaming Lindsay court hearing. While some of the staff doesn't seem to care, most of the staff recognizes her as the important historical figure that she is. We value her so much that we even took it upon ourselves to create a list of games she should play while in jail.
leBronsonJames asks Where do double rainbows come from?
G4: The web-team at G4 has conflicting opinions on where double rainbows come from.
Moye Ishimoto: "double suns like on tatooine."
Patrick Roche-Sowa: "rain, double rain, and fat guys on mushrooms."
Jonathan Goorvich: "Prisma, the goddess of light refraction"
Nikole Zivalich: "They come deep from within, and only when we truly love ourselves will we too see double rainbows."
For all 5 of you who don't know what we're talking about, watch the Double Rainbow video from Around the Net.

ThomasEffinJay asks Will Call of Duty: Black Ops have anything special for the multiplayer?
G4: Call of Duty: Black Ops is shaping up to be one of the must have games of this Holiday season. To most gamers, Call of Duty means great multiplayer and we don't think Black Ops will be any different. So far Treyarch hasn't released any details about the multiplayer but during their E3 demo with G4 they said we can look forward to a "greater level of customization". We hope that means more guns.
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The Ask G4 Project: Your Questions Answered Volume 6!


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