Review: Tournament of Legends "A Truly Inept Fighter"


Posted July 8, 2010 - By G4Sterling

Review: Tournament of Legends

Sega's new fighting game Tournament of Legends feels retro, with its battle between ancient mythological beings. The problem, according to Alexandra Hall, is that the gaming era it evokes is PlayStation, and those late-90s fighters weren't exactly a memorable period for the genre. I remember some fairly bad titles from that time, and statements like this take me back:

"Where to start? The fighting system is laughably simplistic, with combos that max out at four hits, glitchy special moves, and a staccato, back-and-forth quality more reminiscent of “Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots” than a smooth, strategic fighting game. Tournament piles on details like enchantments, power strikes, critical blocks, armor breaks, button-mashing mini-games and unlockable weapons, but it’s all pointless when the basic fighting system underneath it all is irredeemably flawed. Tournament of Legends is a complete failure as a fighting game."

Ouch. Read Alyx's review to find out more about Tournament of Legends!

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Review: Tournament of Legends "A Truly Inept Fighter"


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