Rumor: NBC Is Developing A Video Game Show


Posted July 1, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

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Look out: According to Joystiq major television network NBC is developing a pilot about the gaming world. Apparently, the show focuses on "gamer culture and the people who make games."

The project is headed by TJ 'Ocman' Allard, an ex-Ubisoft designer, with co-host is Audrey Cleo from Qore. The team is currently editing footage shot at E3 for the pilot.

NBC "developing a pilot" can mean a lot of things, of course. From "We want to put your show on the air and this is a formality" to "Well, I guess you can put together a video to show us, as long as you spend your own money on it and don't bother us too much."  So it remains to be seen whether this will hit the air. My guess is: No.  Most pilots don't air, and this particular pilot has another strike against it: Big networks are looking for broad audiences, and gamer-culture is a smaller thing. Sure, a tremendous number of people play games, but, in my opinion, the masses aren't interested enough in gamer culture to watch a show about it.

Or I'm wrong. Let me know in our comment section -- what do you think about a big-time video game show on network TV?

Source: Joystiq

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Rumor: NBC Is Developing A Video Game Show