Ubisoft Reveals Three New Titles: Project Dust, Rayman: Origins, and maniaplanet


Posted June 14, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

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Ubisoft revealed three new titles at the end of their press event. Well, technically two games and a platform, but all three of them are drawing on multiple creative outlets, and frankly they were a lot more exciting than Battle Tag or Innergy.

  • Project Dust: The first title they revealed was a new game in development with Eric Chahi (designer of Out Of This World), and the trailer they showed was made entirely of in-game footage. Tribal peoples live and populate a sandy landscape, but things begin to crumble and fall away as a voice narrates about the end of the world. Coming Spring 2011 as a digital download.
  • Rayman Origins: This title looks like a Nickelodeon animated show come to life, and it's like Dr. Seuss on acid. Rayman is finally back, and it's an ambitious title that looks like it combines co-op with a cartoony look and feel, which Rayman fans would expect. This is also meant to be a digital download, and it looks like a heck of a lot of fun.
  • maniaplanet: Citing the popularity of trackmania, Ubisoft is launching maniaplanet, which will allow gamers to play "one of the three different gaming types" (there's only three?!): fps, racer, or rpg. Now users can choose from trackmania, shootmania, or questmania and design their own levels and generate tons of content, saving millions of dollars in development costs. A variety of betas will be launching at the end of this year.


Ubisoft Reveals Three New Titles: Project Dust, Rayman: Origins, and maniaplanet


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