Leak: First Batman: Arkham City Details Revealed?


Posted August 10, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Batman: Arkham City

A website in the UK claims to have gotten its hands on the next issue of Game Informer, and says that it contains a slew of new details on Batman: Arkham City. We have no way of verifying/disproving this info, so take it with a grain of Internet-salt, but the details are below... Spoilers (maybe) of course:

Gameinformer Story info:

- Quincy Sharp is no (SIC) running for mayor.
- Arkham Asylum and Black Gate Prison are unfit to hold inmates.
- Quincy Sharp buys off part of the slums and walls it off, creating Arkham City.
- Hugo Strange is in charge of Arkham City.
- Two-Face plans to execute Catwoman to gain respect of inmates.
- The overdose of venom may not be what's wrong with the Joker.

Gameinformer Gameplay info:

- You are now able to counter two attacks at once.
- More puzzles.
- All gadgets included in the first game are available from the start.
- Side missions now feature in the game.
- Gangs roam Arkham City, these are recorded in Batman's criminal database.
- You find people who work for Riddler to find Riddler challenges.
- Batman has his smoke bomb.

This seems like a plausible (if a bit uninspiring) list to me. What do you think? Does this seem genuine to you?

But speaking of Game Informer and Batman secrets, the magazine has revealed the existance of a long-hidden secret room in the game, a secret that no one (that we've heard of) has managed to find on their own, in spite of the millions of gamers scouring every inch of Arkham Asylum's maps. It's located in Warden Quincy Sharp office, and contains...(drumroll please!)... maps of Arkham City! Amazing!

Check out Game Informer for some hints on how to uncover the secret.

Source: Arkham City

Leak: First Batman: Arkham City Details Revealed?


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