G4's Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff


Posted June 11, 2010 - By pklepek

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E3 '09 Live Home-Hero

It feels like we've been talking about and planning E3 2010 forever, but the big show is nearly here. The festivities kick off on Sunday night at Microsoft's Project Natal press conference, but before, let's indulge in a time-honored E3 tradition: rumored announcements. Though I'm usually someone rooted in facts, I'm willing to stretch that one a bit around E3 time. I've compiled murmured games and possible announcements people have been talking up the past few months. That said, let's dive in.

There's not a whole lot driving this one besides some trademarks and idea of Warhawk in space sounding really, really awesome. After Warhawk was completed, Incognito Entertainment closed down, with many of the principal developers forming LightBox Interactive supporting Warhawk post-release and signing an exclusivity deal with Sony. Designer Dylan Jobe has been talking up one of their projects on Twitter recently, but said a public beta for the game was "very far away."

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

The Legend of Zelda
It's all but assured that a new entry in The Legend of Zelda will appear at E3 2010, but it's hard to tell what Nintendo will do, so it's worth putting this in the 99% likely column. What to expect from the next Zelda, however, is unknown. Nintendo's design staff has promised some serious changes with the next installment, reportedly to appeal to a larger audience. We do know the game will take advantage of the MotionPlus accessory, opening up some interesting new weapon possibilities.

Criterion's Need For Speed
Even though we've known Criterion Games is working on a new Need For Speed game, we don't know anything about it. That will change at E3. Are we looking at Burnout + Need For Speed?

Silent Hill
Konami showed a brief, still unreleased, trailer for their new Silent Hill game at a press event a few months back. The popular speculation points to a Silent Hill 2 remake, given that Konami most recently published a reimagining of the original Silent Hill. With series composer and series overseer Akira Yamaoka having left Konami, however, what will fans think of remaking a horror classic?

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Hideo Kojima has labeled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as the next "proper" installment in the Metal Gear series, but Metal Gear Solid: Rising represents something totally different: a chance for newly reborn Raiden to kick some ass in a completely different kind of game. Outside of a faster pace, there are no other details on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but that should change soon during E3.

Pikmin 3
Shigeru Miyamoto has been promising a new Pikmin game for a while. It's not a rumor whether a new, proper Pikmin game is in development, it's a rumor whether or not we'll actually see it at E3. In addition to the original Pikmin games revamped with Wii controls, Miyamoto tasked a team with crafting Pikmin 3 from the ground up for Wii. The controls make sense. Let us see the game!

Golden Sun DS
Nintendo showed Golden Sun DS at E3 2009, so we know it exists, but where is it?

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

Sonic Natal
You can thank Joystiq for this one, who's rumoring Sega will show off a Sonic the Hedgehog game enhanced by Project Natal called Sonic Free Riders. You'll reportedly move the blue guy and other racers by moving in front of the screen. It's supposedly destined for Xbox Live Arcade, as well.

Resistance 3
We know Resistance 3 is in development thanks to a billboard featured in an upcoming aliens-themed movie from Sony Pictures, Battle: Los Angeles. Resistance 2 wasn't as warmly received as the first sci-fi shooter from Insomniac Games, making everyone naturally curious about the direction for the next game. With Killzone 3 coming this fall, maybe Resistance 3 is further off -- say, spring 2011?

Saints Row 3
THQ has already confirmed Volition is working on Saints Row 3, but with Red Faction: Armageddon already a part of the company's E3 lineup, two Volition games might be too much. With Grand Theft Auto V still unannounced, however, there's room for an open world gangster.

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
It didn't take long for Warner Bros. to snatch up Rocksteady Games and get them to work immediately on Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. Most details about the sequel has been revealed when the voice cast is teasing fans about the heroes and villains to be featured in Arkham Asylum 2, but since the original was released just last summer, it might be too early for a proper unveiling.

Beyond Good & Evil 2
There's little reason to expect Beyond Good & Evil 2, but one can hope. This reflects that hope. There was a nasty rumor circulating a few weeks back that designer Michel Ancel had left the company over a dispute regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2, but Ubisoft denied the claims. Since Beyond Good & Evil 2 was originally announced, no details about the game have been released.

Half-Life 3
When Valve decided to cancel their E3 press conference and replace it with a "surprise," we were bombarded with fake teasers from mean Photoshop users teasing the idea of the next Half-Life. It's unclear if the next game will be Half-Life: Episode 3 or just Half-Life 3, but Valve threw cold water on the Half-Life idea, saying its E3 surprise would be related to the new-delayed Portal 2.

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

The Last Guardian
Sony and Team ICO have been quiet about The Last Guardian, showing the game (officially) for the first time at E3 last year before returning to darkness. Sony may save our first glimpse at The Last Guardian's gameplay for Tokyo Game Show, a new trailer to make us tear up wouldn't be crazy.

Grand Theft Auto V
It's about time for Rockstar Games to start talking about the next Grand Theft Auto release this generation, but with Red Dead Redemption proving such a strong seller (five million and counting), Rockstar may have decided to hold off on stealing the spotlight from their newcomer. Rockstar isn't showing much at E3, but don't count out a surprise at a press conference -- specifically, Sony.

Elder Scrolls V
Bethesda Softworks said it doesn't have any massive E3 surprises in store, but with Fallout 4 seemingly years off and the Elder Scrolls MMO coming who knows when, another single-player Elder Scrolls game should be the next major release from Bethesda. The company has a stacked lineup between Fallout: New Vegas and Brink, though. Elder Scrolls V might have to wait a bit.

The Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff

And the winner of most odd game to remake is...GoldenEye! Rumors are suggesting N-Space and Eurocom are collaborating on a GoldenEye remake exclusively for Wii and DS. Oooookay, then.

When Nintendo was forced to reveal the existence of 3DS far ahead of its E3 reveal, it's easy to imagine alarms were going off at Sony about the timetable for PSP's follow-up. PSPgo was not a success. It may not be a proper unveiling, but a tease similar to their motion controller demos from last year, with the promise of more details later this year. It would be fitting, too, as Sony prepares to release a second God of War game for PSP. PlayStation 2’s swan song was God of War II.

Slim 360
There's less rumor and more expectation here. With Project Natal branded as a mid-cycle reboot for Xbox 360, it makes sense for Microsoft to follow through on a re-design of the actual hardware.

Sony has trouble keeping a lid on secrets and PSN+, reported to be a subscription-based new addition to PlayStation Network. What exactly PSN+ will add to PSN isn't known, but it seems unlikely Sony would be willing to take a public lashing by removing its free online multiplayer.

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G4's Not-So-Official E3 List Of Rumored Games, Hardware And Other Stuff


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