Geek Wear: Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010


Posted June 9, 2010 - By Kevin Kelly

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Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010

Every year at conventions and events around the globe, people dress up like their favorite characters from the pop culture worlds of comic books, movies, television, and video games. Yet at E3, one of the world's most-watched video game events, almost no one dons a costume and struts down the aisles. Sure, the booth babes dress up, but why should they have all the fun?

We know that E3 is primarily attended by gaming journalists and people that work in the game industry, but is there an unwritten rule that says everyone has to dress humdrum and carry a backpack around? It's like college all over again. We're urging people to think outside the closet and slap together something to wear as an homage for their favorite games and hardware. It'll be impossible for people to not take you seriously when you're dressed up as a giant iPad. Read on for some things you can add to your wardrobe.


There's going to be some new plasticware shown off at E3, so celebrate in style (and assure yourself a spot at the front of the line). Here are some Cosplay ideas that we should urge people to dress up as to celebrate all the huge announcements at E3:

  • Microsoft's Project Natal: Wear a black turtleneck, mount a camera and a green LED on your shoulders, and stick your arms straight out. This one is sure to get you noticed.
  • Sony's PlayStation Move: A black bodystocking and a huge Kabluey head. Instant costume. What, you've never seen Kabluey?! You need to. Right now.
  • Rock Band 3: If the rumors hold true, you're going to be able to rock out with a keyboard in Rock Band 3, so buy a black bodystocking, and stick some white keys on yourself. Easy. Either that or go all out and dress up like Rick Wakeman, keyboardist extreme.


Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010 Metal Gear Solid Rising?

The Rumors

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2: Green track suit. White tank. Headband. Camera. Boom, you're Jade.
  • Something from Valve, hopefully Half-Life flavored: Lab coat, crowbar, glasses, goatee. Instant Gordon Freeman. Or orange jumpsuit, ponytail, and a funky white plastic shell. You're Chell. Without the teleporting. Damn.
  • More Metal Gear Solid: Cheapest cotume ever. Just put a cardboard box over yourself. You can probably find this for free somewhere around E3.

Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010 Gordon Freeman

The Just-Released or Coming Soon (But Would Benefit From Cosplay Love)

  • Green Day: Rock Band: Overgel your hair, slap on some black eyeliner, and sling a plastic guitar on your back. Bonus points for looking extremely emo.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Latex facial scar, scruffy beard growth, a hat, and you're John Marston. Calico skirt, blousy white workshirt, boots, and you're Bonnie Macfarlane. Bonus points if you cram yourself and another unfortunate soul into a horse costume.
  • Halo: Reach: Master Chief costumes have been done to death, and it would be pretty hard to design an Elite skin that would be comfortable. Forget them both and just work up a realistic jetpack.

Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010 Iron Man R2-D2

For Geek Credit

  • iPhone 4 or iPad: This just needs a ton of carboard and a slight amount of artistic creativity (or a giant printer) to make it work. Downside (or upside, depending on your outlook) would be the number of people trying to multi-touch you. Ew.
  • The Iron Man Mark R2-D2: Seriously. You can definitely expect to see this at Comic-Con later this summer, so why not beat everyone to the punch and make a preemptive strike.
  • Olivia Munn: Our own Iron Man star had some screen time of her own in the hottest summer sequel this year, but we didn't see her enough. Dress up like Olivia Munn, then track down Kevin Pereira to harass at the show. I'm sure he'd love it.



Olivia Munn as Chun-Li Photo Gallery




Geek Wear: Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010
Geek Wear: Bringing Cosplay to E3 2010


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