The Ask G4 Project: Your Questions Answered


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Because we are open and honest individuals, we asked you to pose G4-related questions to us by visiting #AskG4 onTwitter. Thanks for the ton of questions you've sent. Below, you'll find answers to five representative queries, all of which are true to the best of our knowledge.

Allyourdave asks #AskG4 If you could have one game company release any game you requested, what would it be?

G4: More than anything we like to see interesting new IPs. The games that have gotten people the most excited around here are game changers like LittleBigPlanet and the first Gears Of War. But if we had to pick a game, then we would want BioWare to make an RPG based on the Zelda series. Nintendo waters down their RPGS whereas BioWare excels at fleshing out an RPG into a 80 hour game. It would be Zelda but for a more mature gamer.
likejason asks Where online can I view Attack of tha Show episodes because its against my beleifs 2 suport cable? lol Via Va tha internet..
G4: You have some options, though none are really as good as watching AOTS live on TV everyday.  Clips and highlights are available at http://g4tv.com/aots. Lots of them. Click on some ads while you’re there. Clips and highlights are also available on Hulu and YouTube.  You can purchase “best of” weekly editions of AOTS via iTunes, and Zune Marketplace. You can also peer into your neighbor’s window weeknights at 7pm ET and hope they’re cool enough to watch Attack. Restraining Orders are the best.
Gushnahalla asks Why does activision think its necessary to milk every game franchise they have?
G4: Activision is a publicly held company, and like all other publicly held companies, their primary obligation is to keep share-holders happy. Share holders are happy when the company makes money and grows, and get pissy when there are failures. So as long as Activision thinks it can make more money by milking an established franchise, it will continue to do so. New franchises can be expensive to make, and are much more risky (see Mirror’s Edge, Too Human). Unfortunately it leads to situations where you end up with 4 Guitar Heroes in one year that no one cares about, but Activision seems to have learned from that experience.  
ww2_honor asks Why is @aots all re-runs this week?
G4: Attack of the Show was dark this week. They do it a couple of times a year to refresh, reload and shoot extra segments for future episodes. You’ll notice other year round shows like Letterman, Leno and The Daily Show take breaks too. 
Bigrobr20 asks How would I go around to finding a job at G4.
G4: Go to CEGJobs, start looking, and check back regularly.  
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The Ask G4 Project: Your Questions Answered


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