David "Heavy Rain" Cage Casting For A New Game?


Posted June 1, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Heavy Rain's Characters Could See Extended Life Through Downloadable Content

According to an unnamed source quoted by VG247, David Cage, the creator of PlayStation 3 drama/game Heavy Rain is casting for a new game called "Horizons."

The scant details: the game supposedly centers on a young couple, “a curious man raised very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom.”

It may be a science fiction title. Cage has said in the past that he won't be creating a sequel to Heavy Rain, so that seems to rule that out, and he has also said that his next game is already written, and will be “very different, and I think it’s going to be very surprising,” and that you may be waiting “less than you think” to see it.

Heavy Rain had a very long period between its introduction and release, but if Cage is using the tech developed for Heavy Rain, it could mean a much shorter time between this game's revelation and release.

Source: VG247

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David "Heavy Rain" Cage Casting For A New Game?