Crackdown 2 Preview: It's "Orb-tastic"


Posted May 26, 2010 - By Andrew Pfister

 Crackdown 2

Do you see that? Off in the distance there, near the horizon? It looks like it's coming toward us...is it...it is. It's Crackdown 2, my personal most anticipated game of the summer. If I still lived in San Francisco, I'd have gone to the recent hands-on event myself, but alas, I'm in warm and sunny Los Angeles, so we sent writer Tom Price for one last preview look:

"While the personal upgrading system is largely the same -- with the addition of new rogue orbs you actually have to chase down -- it feels much more balanced this time around. Most people playing the first game found their explosive and shooting levels gaining ground faster than their driving and fighting, simply because those actions lent themselves to racking up the orbs in greater volume. But nighttime streets full of crowds of Freaks give you plenty of opportunity for high-density orb collection, by driving your car through the hordes or simply mucking in and karate kicking your way out. It can get orb-tastic."

Karate kicking. Yes please. Read Tom's full Crackdown 2 preview here.

Crackdown 2 Preview: It's "Orb-tastic"


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