All About Red Dead Redemption's Music


Posted May 26, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Red Dead Redemption Bonus Outfit Voting Begins

If you're anything like me, you're spending every waking minute immersed in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, going from the all out wackiness of the game's multiplayer -- the other night, the eight members of G4's posse murdered a Grizzly with our bare hands -- to the slightly melancholic main story line. Along with the obviously amazing graphics and game-design, I've been noticing the music, and really enjoying the sparse, Morricone-inspired score. I've been curious from whence it sprang, and this morning the Internet has the answer!

U.K. Paper The Guardian has posted a fascinating article that goes in detail on Red Dead's music design with its creators, Friends of Dean Martinez. (Note to self: Visit iTunes and download away.)

The Guardian's story is full of info for music nerds like myself, basically, everything you wanted to know about the soundtrack -- how it was recorded, the thought process behind it, how scoring an interactive experience differs from scoring a movie and more. Here's a passage for the music geek in you:

"To ensure a seamless sound, then, the duo decided on set criteria – the whole score is composed in A minor and at 130 beats per minute. It sounds incredibly restrictive, but as is often the case with creative limitations, there was also a sense of empowerment. "It seemed like the hardest problem at the beginning, but then it was actually really freeing," says Elm. "Just learning how different elements work together... It was very different from making a band record: just letting the instruments and the sound fill the space, without having to think about writing better chord changes. We were just letting the organic sound develop."

Check out the rest of the article for more.

All About Red Dead Redemption's Music


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