Meet TheFeed: Features Editor Kevin Kelly


Posted May 21, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Meet TheFeed: Features Editor Kevin Kelly

You may have noticed a new name and face on TheFeed over the past week or so, but you haven't been formally introduced. The Internets, Meet Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly, meet The Internets.

Kevin is G4tv's new features editor, and he'll be amusing, informing, infuriating and entertaining you on a regular basis from now on. Read below for an in-depth peek into Kelly's very soul.

G4: What did you do before you started here?

Kevin Kelly: I made a very lucrative living mowing lawns! Oh wait, that was for one summer back in high school, and I swore I’d never do that again. I still have socks that are permanently green. After graduating from the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!), I moved out to Los Angeles to seek my fame and fortune. By the way, I’m still looking for that, if anyone knows where it happens to be. I worked in film development for ten years at Sony and then The Jim Henson Company as a story editor, and I figure at this point I’ve read enough scripts to fill a room. Or maybe a good-sized broom closet.

After Henson sold the Muppets to Disney, I became a professional vagabond, moving from reality shows to IMAX and then finally by a bizarre set of circumstances I ended up working at Cinematical and writing about movies. Soon after that, I joined Joystiq, where I’ve been writing about games for several years. I also was one of the founding editors of Gawker’s io9, which means I still having science fiction bleeding from my head.

G4: What’s your position G4?

KK: I’m the brand-spanking new Features Editor, which means I’m subject to hazing, pantsing, and the old “let’s hide Kevin’s car somewhere he’ll never find it” trick.

G4: What are you bringing to the table here?

KK: I’m bringing my vast years of geek experience, my love of movies, the pop culture neurons in my brains, and my obsession with Captain Marvel. Screw Superman, we need a Captain Marvel movie, game, and breakfast cereal ASAP. “Captain Marvel-O’s – SHAZAM! The Taste Is Electrifying!”

G4: What’s your favorite game of all time?

KK: That’s a tough one. I’ve played so many games that my favorites change fairly often. But I can still remember staying up late with my best friend in elementary school and trying to figure out how to beat Zork II. That Wizard of Frobozz was a real bitch. Also, in college I skipped classes and had many sleepless nights trying to figure out Myst. This was before you could turn to the magical internets for instant help, and you had to keep a meticulous hand-written journal so you could work all of those damn puzzles out. I’ve thrown out so much old junk, but for some reason I’m holding on to that stupid thing. Just in case I wake up in Myst.

G4: Oh, yeah? What about Ocarina of Time??

KK: Ocarina of Time? That thing can blow me! GET IT?!?!

G4: What's the first game you remember playing?

KK: I actually remember my dad bringing home a giant, clunky, wooden Pong game, and we played that until it burned into our 13” television. It’s a tossup between that and some weird electric light skeet shooting game that was at our local pizzeria.

G4: What interests do you have apart from gaming?

Movies. I’m seriously addicted to movies. If I flip through channels on cable and come across a movie I love, I’ll stop and watch the whole thing. Even if I have it ON A DVD OR BLU-RAY ON A SHELF NEXT TO THE TELEVISION! Seriously, that’s retarded. I also love books. William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow, Michael Chabon, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Garrison Keillor, and Amy Tan are some authors I love. I’m also into the whole hiking and camping thing, and I actually own a pocket knife, a compass, and a headlamp. I’m all set for survival.

G4: Are games Art?

KK: Of course games are Art. Roger Ebert can kiss my ass. In fact, I look forward to the day that someone makes Roger Ebert a playable character in any game. That’ll show him.

Does Art like to play games?

KK: Art is too busy planning revenge on Ebert to play games these days.

G4: Have you ever been arrested?

KK: This is the first time I’ve ever admitted this publicly, but yes.

G4: What for?

KK: A guy on my floor in college had a PC that we used to play games on, and we were incredibly obsessed with Wing Commander. But, his computer had the worst sound available to mankind. So we shoplifted a a soundcard from some software store in the mall. So it was for great justice, because we were trying to rid the universe of the Kilrathi. Thankfully, my life of crime was stopped at a young age, it was purged from my record, and I had to do a bunch of community service. Now the only thing I steal are co-worker’s office supplies.

G4: What would you like on your tombstone?

KK: Pepperoni. ZING! Actually, I’d like it to say “Press X To Continue”

Meet TheFeed: Features Editor Kevin Kelly


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