Crackdown 2 Animated Mini-Series Begins


Posted May 21, 2010 - By Jake Gaskill

Ruffian Games has released the first of five episodes in an animated mini-series filling the narrative gap between their over-the-top, open-world action fest Crackdown and its upcoming sequel, Crackdown 2.

Ruffian senior designer Ed Campbell penned the series, while comic artist and illustrator Alex Ronald handled the animation. The story takes place during the 10-year gap between the events of the two games. During that time, a mysterious virus has infected Pacific City, and it's created two warring factions: the Freaks, who have been infected with the virus, and the Cell, a vigilante group who have decided to take on the Freaks, as well as the peacekeeping Agency.

The mini-series, which is being hosted by the folks over at Machinima, will answer a number of questions surrounding these events including: “Why is Pacific City in turmoil? What happened to the Agency? And, most importantly, who is Catalina Thorne?” New episodes will be released weeky week, with the last one coming June 21.

Crackdown 2 will be available on Xbox 360 July 6.

What do you think of the first episode? Rather rad, no?

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Crackdown 2 Animated Mini-Series Begins