The One Mystery We Demand Lost Must Answer During The Finale: Walt


Posted May 20, 2010 - By pklepek

The One Mystery We Demand Lost To Answer

In just a few days, we'll experience Lost's final act. The epic, two-and-a-half hour episode is titled "The End," but before we reach Lost's mind-bending conclusion, we have some demands. Not every question is going to be answered on Lost, but all of us have at least one that's really dug into our brains, begging for a reveal. Here's the one mystery we want answered by Lost on Sunday.

The One Mystery We Demand Lost To Answer

Patrick Klepek, Who Can Turn The Island Rain On And Off Like A Light Switch:

I'm allowed to make a slightly unreasonable demand, right? It made sense for Walt to be written off the show because growing up didn't jive with the show's ever-changing timeline, but Walt, like the numbers, is one of the fundamental mysteries of the Island. Michael's son wasn't born on the Island, but he was considered Special. The Others clearly identified him as a person of importance, going to great lengths to take him from the Losties. Walt's background suggests he had special powers before arriving on the Island. We know Michael was a Candidate to take control of the Island, but the Walt connection is left unresolved. Did Jacob touch Michael at a young age (or any age before Walt was conceived, really), passing some Jacob power to Walt when he was born? I could live with that answer.

The One Mystery We Demand Lost Must Answer: Walt

Joseph Baxter, Rebuilding The Statue To Look Like Dolph Lundgren To Scare People Away:

Walt's kidnapping by the Others was not just some minor storyline. Alongside the Hatch, it was culmination of season one. We know that Jacob communicated with Richard semi-regularly, and unlike everyone else, Richard knew Oceanic 815 was a harbinger of something major for the Island, including the arrival of its potential future leader, Locke. It could be that Jacob ordered the kidnapping of Walt and the various tests. However, the Others would use Walt as a bargaining chip for Michael to carry out his betrayal of the Losties. One must assume that the tests (whatever they were) were inconclusive. There's also the possibility Ben was more concerned with carrying out his own plans than Jacob's wishes.

"Ghost Walt" got Shannon shot, but motivated Locke out of the pile of DHARMA bodies to carry out his mission. With Jacob running around the Island in child form, I get the impression Walt's involvement in the current events of the Island may be more than we think. The Ghost Walt that appeared to Shannon was dripping wet and struggled to speak (at the time, he was thought lost at sea). The Ghost Walt that appeared to Locke was older (which he was). Conversely, the young Jacob that appeared to Smokey and Sawyer was covered in blood. Jacob had just been killed, so that image made sense. The young Jacob that appeared to Desmond and Hurley, however, was not bloody. So, again, why is Walt special?

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The One Mystery We Demand Lost Must Answer During The Finale: Walt


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