Irish Columnist Angry Over Red Dead Character's Drunken Antics


Posted May 20, 2010 - By Stephen Johnson

Red Dead Redemption Bonus Outfit Voting Begins

An Irish newspaper is warning the people of The Emerald Isle that they might be angry when Red Dead Redemption is released there. The game features a character referred to as "Irish," who has a silver tongue but is often drunk.

Categorizing Irish as a "nasty surprise," Cormac Byrne (who may or may not be Irish) writes in the Herald: "The stereotype of the drunken Paddy will again be taken advantage of."

As an Irish-American, I take issue with the post-modern portrayal of Irish people as peace-loving, sober members of society. Many of my relatives love to fight, especially when they are drunk....

But seriously, Irish is an unsympathetic character in Red Dead, but Rockstar had to give him some nationality, right? The Old West was a tough place, and many Irishmen traveled to the frontier to work on the railroad, look for gold and/or get drunk -- it's historically accuracte. I have no problem with the character of Irish, given that prejudice against Irish people seems largely a relic or quaint reminder of an earlier age.

I'd feel differently if I were a member of a group who is currently a victim of racism/bigotry, though, or if Irish was. The only currently marginalized group of people who deserve their stereotypes are the Hungarians. Those dirty ghoulies are up to no good.

Source: Herald

Irish Columnist Angry Over Red Dead Character's Drunken Antics


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