The Music of Tron, Derezzed


Posted May 15, 2010 - By Rick Damigella

The Music of Tron, Derezzed

Tron was one of those epochal moments in geek culture. Released in 1982, it was a perfect confluence of an action movie, about video games, which spawned toys and featured an incredible soundtrack. Even those not old enough to have seen in it in theaters and then fork countless quarters into its arcade game counterpart have been pulled in by the movie’s premise and mythology of a living world inside computers.

Now what happens if a pair of leading musicians from today’s Chiptunes scene took Wendy Carlos’ orchestra-meets-synthesizer soundtrack from Tron and derezzed it into something which would have sounded completely at home in the early 80’s? Grab your Lightcycle handlebar and come inside for a listen and a source for you to download your own copy for free!

The truly unique thing about the Tron Tribute EP from 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer, is how incredibly well the source material translates into the chiptunes sonic palette. There is something so right about the way it sounds; it almost makes Wendy Carlos’ creations sound more futuristic by comparison.

The first piece from the Tron Tribute EP is “Tron Scherzo” (Sark’s Revenge Mix). 8 bit Weapon makes a very bold statement with this opening number, by mixing in a Jungle beat beneath the familiar Tron melodies. It was a bit of a surprise to hear at first, but it makes perfect sense once you hear it.

TRON Tribute from 8 Bit Weapon - "Tron Scherzo" »

What is instantly apparent from listening to these chiptuned versions of Tron’s score is there is a lot of love that went into creating them. 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer’s fandom for the source material shines through with each bleep and bloop from their unique instruments, especially in the gentle tones and melodies of this next piece, as they emanate from a Tron Boy (yes, that would be a custom-made edition of a Game Boy system).

The Music of Tron, Derezzed

TRON Tribute from 8 Bit Weapon - "Tron Theme & Ending" »

My only “criticism” about this release (and it is a stretch using that word) is hearing it really made me want to listen to even more music from the Tron soundtrack done like this. Even an 8 bit take on Journey’s “Only Solutions” from the movie would be an interesting listen! Where this tribute succeeds the most is in how it captures the spirit of the original while bringing something new to it. Perhaps 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer will down-convert some of Daft Punk’s music from the forthcoming Tron: Legacy into their signature sound? (hint hint, nudge nudge).

If you want to add the Tron Tribute EP to your playlist for free (which is even cheaper than a single play of an arcade game in '82), grab a Solar Sailer and hit a transport beam over to, oh, wait, sorry, I thought I was on the Game Grid for a second. Just go here. Tell ‘em The Feed sent you. Oh, and Flynn Lives!

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The Music of Tron, Derezzed


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